Biodiversity of the Pedra Talhada Biological Reserve

Biodiversidade da Reserva Biológica de Pedra Talhada (Alagoas, Pernambuco - Brasil)

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The aim of this book, illustrated with 2,400 photographs, is to broaden awareness of the importance of this reserve in order to ensure its long-term protection.

The 818-page volume was written by 74 international scientists and published in 2015 in Portuguese. The French translation was published in 2018. It is organized into 27 chapters and subchapters in which the authors present the natural environments of Brazil and then describe the Pedra Talhada reserve in all its dimensions: abiotic factors, flora and vegetation, bryophytes, fungi and lichens, planaria, mollusks, arachnids, myriapods, crustaceans, various orders of insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Inventories of the species of these groups are found in the second half of the book. The authors, aided by more than 200 taxonomic specialists, inventoried more than 2,100 plant and animal species in this 4469 ha reserve. This endeavor allowed identifying many endemic species and the discovery of new species currently under study for future publications. A history of the creation of the reserve brings the book to a close. This volume will serve as a key component in the management of the Reserve for the coming decades.

The book forms a basis for studies of the relationships between plants, animals and other organisms in tropical forest, and already serves as a reference for researchers and teachers in Brazil and other South

American countries. It will interest anyone passionate about tropical biodiversity.

Although the book is a scientific text inventorying a significant part of biodiversity, it is also an accessible popular work oriented toward the general public. Indeed, richly illustrated with 2,400 color images, it portrays spectacular biodiversity with numerous anecdotes describing subtle aspects often new to both scientists and the general public. For example, we discover that a small 2 cm beetle can cut tree branches 10 cm in diameter, that some bats drink half their weight in blood at a single feeding, and that the leaves of some understory plants are violet-colored on their inferior surface, a mirror for using the energy of light twice.

At a time when everyone is noticing the loss of global biodiversity and the threat to tropical forests, this kind of work, which emphasizes the enormous biological diversity of such environments, justifies the protection and conservation of these forests and the creation of new reserves.

This kind of monograph serves as a model for other parts of the world which also seek to divulge their biodiversity with a view toward its protection.

Edited by: Anita Studer, Louis Nusbaumern and Rodolphe Spichiger

Published by: Nordesta and the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens of the City of Geneva

Copyright © 2018

ISBN: 978-2-8399-2310-1

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Chapitre 1 : Milieux naturels du Brésil

Chapitre 2 : Paramètres abiotiques

Chapitre 3 : Flore & végétation / Inventaire / Flore & Inventaire

Chapitre 4 : Bryophytes / Inventaire / Bryophytes & Inventaire

Chapitre 5 : Champignons & Lichens / Inventaire / Champignons et Lichens & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.1 : Planaires / Inventaire / Planaires & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.2 : Mollusques / Inventaire / Mollusques & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.3 : Arachnides / Inventaire / Arachnides & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.4 : Chilopodes et diplopodes / Inventaire / Chilopodes et Diplopodes & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.5 : Crustacés / Inventaire / Crustacés & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6 : Insectes

Chapitre 6.6.1 : Libellules / Inventaire / Libellules & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.2 : Phasmes / Inventaire / Phasmes & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.3 : Mantes / Inventaire / Mantes & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.4 : Blattes / Inventaire / Blattes & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.5 : Termites / Inventaire / Termites & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.6 : Criquets, grillons et sauterelles / Inventaire / Criquets, grillons et sauterelles & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.7 : Punaises, fulgores et cigales / Inventaire / Punaises, fulgores et cigales & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.8 : Fourmis / Inventaire / Fourmis & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.9 : Abeilles / Inventaire / Abeilles & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.10 : Coléoptères / Inventaire / Coléoptères & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.6.11 : Papillons / Inventaire / Papillons & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.7 : Poissons / Inventaire / Poissons & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.8 : Amphibiens / Inventaire / Amphibiens & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.9 : Reptiles / Inventaire / Reptiles & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.10 : Oiseaux / Inventaire / Oiseaux & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.11.1 : Chauves souris / Inventaire / Chauves souris & Inventaire

Chapitre 6.11.2 : Mammifères non volants / Inventaire / Mammifères non volants & Inventaire


Annexe A : Décret

Annexe B : Historique de la Réserve Biologique de Pedra Talhada



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